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July 05, 2015, 12:42:24 pm
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List of existing Mecha games for PC

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Author Topic: List of existing Mecha games for PC  (Read 6210 times)
Altes Eisen
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Time To Test Your Luck! (Now with EXTRA flavor!)

« on: June 19, 2009, 06:06:24 am »

The title says it; feel free to comment the list state your favourite and all the usual stuff...some will also have a separate; indeep topic(Ex:Exteel).


A)Freeware games

Genre: MMORPG (Free; OR NCcoins system inside)

Comment: Nice;greatly supported game...Exteel is a must for any mecha fan Cheesy (More in the future Topic about this one)
Download: At the game main page:

2)Bootfighter Windom
Genre: 3rd person Gundam wanna be.

Comment: Another good one; Windom is kinda buggy in Multiplayer but it's good enought to keep you busy ^^ -Expecially Gundam fans- and don't forget it also allows you to create your personal pilot for increased lulz!(More in the future Topic about this one as well)
Download:Here (English version)
UPDATE!: Seems like Windom will be released as a full the new beta here:

3)Silver Knight
Genre:3rd person mecha fight.

Comment: The starter of it all...and it's still a pretty funny one to play! Tongue
Well; seriously a wide comunity and a nice gameplay neet this one his place in here ^^
Download: (05D version)
OR (010J-latest-)

Genre:3rd person mecha fight.

Comment: Another good game; it may NOT be graphically good...but the gameplay IS solid; making this one a good choice as well.

Genre:Mecha battle (with LULz robot).

Comment: Well; this you gotta's all about battles (like usual) the only difference is that the mechs are weird...really WEIRD indeed; give it a MAY like it. Wink
Download: At the game main site

Genre:2D Mecha MMORPG (kind off)

Comment: A obscure mecha Free MMORPG(i didn't know this one as well!); it seems funny; but i still have to try it

Genre: 3rd person/RPG

Comment: Funny game; graphically NOT so hot but it DOES have a certain degree of deepness; also RPG elements inside...just for the lulz. Tongue

8-)Little Fighter 2: Gundam Seed
Genre:Beat'em up (up to 4 players)
-No Video Avaiable-
Comment: Just a Total conversion of "Little Fighter 2" featuring Gundam SEED units (ripped from SRW@3 i think).

9)Gigantic Gear
Genre: Platform/Mecha builder/other
-No Video Avaiable-
Comment: This one SEEMS nice; start>build your mech>jump into action; the problem is that it runs WAYYYYYyyyy too fast. You WILL need a CPU decellerator program to use this one...

10)Steel March
Genre:2D Mecha fighting (1 on 1)
-No Video Avaiable-
Comment:just think of this like Street Fighter; BUT full of mechs. Made with the Fighting Maker program this little game feature 5 mechs(+ some secret one?) trying to Obliterate each other...

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A new hero, a new legend
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« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2014, 04:16:15 am »

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