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June 24, 2018, 03:18:51 pm
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New RP(17/06/09) -Hesterya?- (Character profiles)

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Author Topic: New RP(17/06/09) -Hesterya?- (Character profiles)  (Read 344 times)
Altes Eisen
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Time To Test Your Luck! (Now with EXTRA flavor!)

« on: June 18, 2009, 04:38:02 am »

As the name says it; store in here the character/s profiles you're going to use.
I'll Also Explain HOW to make a character.

(.II.)CHARACTER TEMPLATE(This should help people that are trying to make a new char) -NEW-

1)Choose a name for your character
2)Choose if your character is male or female(TRAP? It still amuses me to think of it Tongue)
3)Put your character image,description, and a bit of backstory if you wish.
4)Your level;any time you reach a certain number of xp you level-up(xp are gived for monster slaying/Quest solving & interpratation of your character/s mainly-but it even depends on what the DM thinks about it-);remember, a new level means that you gain 3 more stat points, 1d10+your CON of extra HP,1d10+INT of extra SP and every 4 level you can pick another skill Cheesy.

|1|;|xp=0|;| (You Start Here)
(more may follow)

5)Your race: You can pick 6 races in this game, each with his strong and weak points.
We can further divide the 6 races in future,fantasy and neutral.


A race of living robots and cyborgs; they are formidable opponents; but they DO lack a sense of self or mental flexibility, used as they are to only rely on logic to explain things.
F.A.L.A.N.G.E. characters have some unique ability; but some unique flaws as well.
Their basic height can range from 2 to 3,5 mt. and they're usually pretty heavy.

+2 extra point to STR,INT and CON.
+Strong base AC that can evolve every 5 levels(Starting as +4 AC)
+Immune to poison,charme and sleep effects.
+Affinity with Technology(+2 to HIT/DMG when using techno weapons and 20%+INT chance of identyfing a picked up *Techno* object immediately.
+Thrusters(ability to fight in melee with flying opponents,quicker movements,flying).
Note:When using your thrusters your place will be considered empty; allowing opponents to pick on the ally you were shielding; on the positive side melee only attackers will have a hard time trying to hit you(-10 to their HIT).

+Passive Skill:Nanotechnology (Heals 10% of total HP every 5 turns spent in battle).
+Active skill:Swarm|-0 SP-| (Suicide self doing -current HP*2- fire dmg to a target and half of it to ALL the creatures presents on the battlefield(friends and foes alike).
+Active Skill:Overload|-20 SP-|(Gains +10 to ALL stats for 5 turns; if after these time the battle isn't over you'll take 10*level HP of overload dmg.)

-2 less points to DEX,WIS and CHA
-Can't wear Armors,Helmets,Footgear or gloves
-Gains only 1/4 of the normal experience.

Mutant were once human beings that were experienced upon (80% of the case they didn't give their permission to be used as test subjects).
the result is that the race simply labeled as mutant is composed by a wide variety of beings; each one showing different features...(wings,cat ears/tail and so on.)
Mutant can be considered like enchached humans even if they tend to be suspicious of other races.
Their basic height can range from 1,2 to 2,5 mt. while their weight depends on the individual being.

+5 extra point to a chosen stat.
-/+Mutated trait.
You can choose up to 2 special trait from the lst below:
Note:You may explain those traits (ex:fine hearing cause of bunny/any other kind of weird ears)

+Fine hearings(ability to spot secret conversation,soft noise(a trap activating?) and more)
+Tough Skin(+5 to your base AC)
+Underwater affinity(you can breath underwater and move easily in there).
+Shapeshifter(ability to take somebody's else appeareance; notice that you can still be spotted in several ways...(ex:by NOT behaving like that person/monster would).
+Energy resistance(10 resistance to a elemental energy of your choice)
+Darkvision(ability to see in ANY kind of darkness-may it be natural or not)
+Improved smell sense(You can try to track down a particular smell you know...IF you're close enought)
+Radioactive(deal 2d10 of radioactive dmg to ANY creature/living object around you; unless they're shielded against it.)
+Telepathy(can talk telepathycally with a creature by creating a telepatic channell between them.)
Note:The creature must agree & have a inteligence of at least 3

+Flying(ability to fight in melee with flying opponents and quicker movements)

Note:When flying your place will be considered empty allowing opponents to pick on the ally you were shielding; on the positive side melee only attackers will have a hard time trying to hit you(-10 to their HIT).

+Passive Skill:Strenght in numbers(gain a +2 HIT/AC/DMG bonus for each other ally present on the battlefield).
+Active Skill:Frenzy|-30 SP-|(+4 to all stats and +4 AC;also able to attack with his/her fangs(2d6+STR dmg) or claws(3d4+STR): the frenzy lasts for 5 turns)

-5 less points to another stat of your choice.


Humans :
Humans are the most adaptable races of all;they are also the races that mostly populate the world at present timeline; they have no heavy advantage BUT hey don't have heavy disavantages as well;making tem a balanced choice...ideal for beginners.
Height is from 1 to 2,1 mt while weight depends on the specific individual.

+5 extra stats point at character creation
+1 extra skill at character creation
+Gains 10% extra exp.


Erdgeists((Should i?...Heck why no Tongue))
A race descended from the earth spirits.
They possess a great Wisdom;but have the handicap of only being present in the astral plane.They can solve this problem by possessing a object present in the material world(possibly dolls; or other humanoid shaped shells).Erdgeist existance was discovered near te end of the "present" era...Height and weight depends on the "shell" that the Erdgeiz is wearing.

+5 extra point to WIS and INT
+Twin body system(the Erdgeiz is considered having 2 bodies: the material "fake" one and the "true" spiritual one. The "fake" body act and is damaged like a normal physical being;while the "true" one is immune to normal atacks but CAN'T interact with the enviroment(allies included) in any way; unless he/she can' find a replacement body.The only way to "see" the "true" body of the Erdgeiz is either by having special equipment,being a undead/planar creature(the lattest also have the ability to damage the "true" body; putting the Erdgeiz in a DEADLY danger; since the only way to kill a Erdgeiz is to 1st destroy his/her "fake" body THEN the true one).((in short you have to kill him/her twice Tongue)).
Note:Obviously in his/her immaterial state a Erdgeiz is considered like "dead" and he/she won't be able to shield rear line companions AT ALL.

+Immune to Charme
+Passive Skill:Possess(The ability of a Erdgeiz to possess a inanimated object;making it his/her "shell")
Note:Creature with a mind(Even simple like golems) aren't suitable hosts...of course it's different IF there's nobody in there Grin

-5 less points to STR and CON
-**** character(if your character "true" form is killed he/she's gone for good -Unless the DM makes a MIRACLE-)


Elf's are humanoid;usually shorter and slender than human;they also have pointy ears.
They have delicate feature;Elves are often considered frivolous by other races.((That's cause of their longer lifespan;a 80 years old elven will be as mature as a 16 years human o_O)).
Elves are another good choice for beginner since they have a good set of abilities.

+2 extra DEX points
+Immune to sleep effect
+Low Light vision(Ability to see in the normal darkness)
+Search Master(ability to find a secret door/passage just by passing near it)
+Weapon Familiarity(Elves have a +1 HIT/DMG bonus everytime they use weapon of the Bow or Sword category)

-2 less CON points

Description:Dwarves are short & bulky humanoid ((they are often as large;as they are tall Smiley )).
They excell at fighting and at mining; or metal/stoneworking in general. With their nice starting constitution bonus they DO make for sturdy characters...another good choice for beginers Wink.

+2 extra CON points
+Darkvision(ability to see in ANY kind of darkness-may it be natural or not)
+Appraiser(10% discount when buying objects)
+4 extra AC points when fighting [Giant] size monster/s
+Stonecutting((50%+INT) chance of noticing unusual stoneworks when passing near it(may it be a secret door/passage, a trap or something else)))

-2 less CHA points

There isn't a base allignment...everyone starts with 0 point in both good and evil; and lawfull and chaotic...your action/s will talk for yourself.

7)Your Statistics:You start with 3 in each and you have 12 points to spend improving them;you can also subtract point/s from
one statistic to add to another one, up to having 1 in that statistic.

The 6 statistic are:
Strenght(STR):Your physical strenght it's used when using Meele weapon;trying to lift/push things and so on.
Dexterity(DEX):How nimble you are it's used for your your AC(dodge ability),when using ranged weapon/s and any other
action that need you to have quick reflexes.
Constitution(CON):How thought you are; it's used when calculating your HP;or when trying to resist a knockdown or any
other physical damage(poison,istant kill skills and so on).
Wisdom(WIS):How wise you're each time you gain experience add to it your Wisdom(in % Ex: if you have a 10 WIS you'll
gain 10% more exp);this also measure your will against people trying to control you.
Note:Stacks with class extra experience gain(humans) and can minimize the effect of a bad gaining of it as well(F.A.L.A.N.G.E.)

Inteligence(INT):How smart you're;this helps you gain more SP;and helps when trying to figure things with logic;also a
number under 5 means that you can't speak very well...
Charisma(CHA):How strong is your personality or how beatifull/good looking you are;this is (mainly)used when trying to
convince people to do what do you want.

Note =You gain 3 extra point any level;and you can add them where you wish.

9)Your starting skills: You must choose 3 from the list below here:

a)Endurance lv.1(+10 HP) -Race=Any;Requirements=None-

b)Strong Spirit lv.1(+10 SP) -Race=Any;Requirements=None-

c)Dodge lv.1(+1 AC) -Race=Any;Requirements=5 DEX or more-

d)Strenghtened Metal lv.1(+4 AC)-Race=F.A.L.A.N.G.E.;Requirements=5 COS or more-

e)Tempered(Strenghtened?) body(+5 resistance against a choosed energy type*)-Race=Any.;Requirements=5 COS or more-

f)Pickpocket lv.1(20%+Dex chance of success)-Race=Any.;Requirements=5 DEX or more-

g)Detect Trap lv.1(20%+INT chance of success)-Race=Any.;Requirements= 5 INT or more-

h)Disble Trap lv.1(20%+INT chance of success)-Race=Any.;Requirements=4 INT or more,Detect Trap lv.1-

i)One Handed Weapon Expertise lv.1(+2 HIT/DMG with one handed weapon/s)  -Race=Any;Requirements=None-

l)Two Handed Weapon Expertise lv.1(+2 HIT/DMG with two handed weapon/s)  -Race=Any;Requirements=None-

m)One Handed Weapon Expertise(Ranged) lv.1(+2 HIT/DMG with one handed(ranged) weapon/s)  -Race=Any;Requirements=None-

n)Two Handed Weapon Expertise(Ranged) lv.1(+2 HIT/DMG with two handed(ranged) weapon/s)  -Race=Any;Requirements=None-

o)Two Weapon Fighting Expertise lv.1(Ability to dual wield)  -Race=Any;Requirements=None-

p)Heal lv.1(1d10+WIS hp healed -15 SP-)-Race=Any.;Requirements=5 WIS-

q)Fire Magic lv.1||Fire Arrow||(2d8+INT fire dmg -20 SP-)-Race=Any.;Requirements=5 WIS-

*=Stacks with the mutant resistance ability.

9a)Extra background
You can choose a extra background for your character; each one will have a differen impact on the character.
P.S:You can also skip this part.

Effect: As the son of a rich family you start with your initial money multiplied for three; but with a -1 to all stats...since the easy life made you lazy(both phisically and mentally).

Effect: Since you spent almost all your time reading you developed extreme inteligence(+10 INT); but spending all that time reading severely weakened your body(-2 STR,DEX and COS) it also doesn't help to always think to be right...(-2 CHAR and WIS).

Effect: Spending all your time using technology (mainly gaming Wink ) helped you develop good reflexes(+2 DEX) and Inteligence (+2 INT) but we all know a life truth: Nerd == Psycothic -70% of times at least- (-2 CHA and WIS)

Circus experience(All)
Effect: You worked in a circus for a short time and while this helped your phisycal stats(+1 STR,DEX and CON), there wasn't exactly a lot of time to learn from books...(-3 INT).

Effect: Thanks to your amazing strenght and resistance (+5 STR and +5 CON) you were easily able to convince people to do things for you(see under the voice "menace")...but that way you didn't learn a thing(-5 INT) nor did you get ANY wiser (-5 WIS).

Effect: Thanks to a good feeling with "astral" forces you can reduce the strain on your body when using a skill(10% less SP needed for all Active skills),but all the time spent researching didn't help your purse(50% less starting GP as well)

Extreme Mutation(Mutant)
Effect: Thanks to genetic (or "incidents") you gained 1 extra mutant special trait; but your body didn't take that nicely (-3 starting stat points).

Weapon/War freak(All)
Effect: You are a true weapon maniac; you LOVE fighting NO you LIVE for it (+2 to HIT/Dmg with any weapon and 1 extra skill with weapons); but your "i must fight/kill/RARGHhhh!" behavior doesn't help your social life...(-4 CHA).

Alien Technology(All)
Effect: You dunno HOW but you find yourself owning some weird devices(allows to create a personal "alien/mysterious" item).

10)Your Total HP:They depend on your level/equipment/else(normally/at the start 1d10+CON)
11)Your Total SP:They depend on your level/equipment/else(normally/at the start 1d10+INT)
12)Your AC:Your defense expressed in number(10+DEX+Your Armor/Other protective items(like shields)+Any bonus/skill you learned).
13)Inventory:What you have in your backpack (max 30 items-NOT counting what is equiped)
13a)Equiped stuff(What you're wearing and where).
14)Your starting money (Throw 8d100)
Note:Money MAY be more or less depending on your character background

Well;that's all i guess Grin

(.II.)CHARACTER TEMPLATE(This should help people that are trying to make a new char)

|Name=*name here*|Gender|*gender here*|Lv= 1|
|HP=*HP here*|SP=*SP here*|GP=*GP here*
*Image here*
Bio=*Description and backstory here*

STR = 3
DEX = 3
CON = 3
WIS = 3
INT = 3
CHA = 3

*Use the avaiable points(12) to pimp these stats*

Skill:Learned Skill here.
Allignment:*Your Allignment here(?)*

*Insert Your (buyied/founded/etc.etc. stuff in here;MAX 30 items-no matter the size-also you start with 4 standard items-*
1)a rope(15 m. of it.)
2)A torch...((for enlighting dark places/caves/dungeons  Tongue))
3)Flint or Matches((for lighting the torch/other use))
4)a potion belt;it contains:1 Greater healing(6d6+15),2 moderate healing(3d6+8),3 lesser healing(2d6+4) & 1 antidote(cure against poison).

Actual Equipment
Head:*headgears here*
Ears(LOL?):*Earrings and similar things here*
Neck:*Necklace,collars,chokers and similar stuff here*
body:*Armor here*
back:*Mantles,Capes and such here*
arms:*Glaves,gauntlets and bracelets here*
fingers1:*1st ring here*
fingers2:*2nd ring here*
waist:*Belts and similar stuff here*
foot:*Footgear here*
Weapon1:*Main weapon here*
|_Weapon2/shield:*offhand weapon/shield here*(Not usable IF you're using a TWO-handed weapon)
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Altes Eisen
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Destroyer of worlds
Posts: 503

Time To Test Your Luck! (Now with EXTRA flavor!)

« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2009, 06:13:32 am »

(As the MOD-POWAAAAh- i need a phisycal presence; so here i go...)


Name: Altes || Level: ??
Race: F.A.L.A.N.G.E.
HP: ????? || SP: ?????
GC: ?????????????????


STR : ?? || INT : ??
DEX : ?? || WIS : ??
CON : ?? || CHA : ??



Extra Background

Moderator (Self only)
effect: ???

*Insert Your (buyied/founded/etc.etc. stuff in here;MAX 30 items-no matter the size-also you start with 4 standard items-*
1)a rope(15 m. of it.)
2)A torch...((for enlighting dark places/caves/dungeons  ))
3)Flint or Matches((for lighting the torch/other use))
4)a potion belt;it contains:1 Greater healing(6d6+15),2 moderate healing(3d6+8),3 lesser healing(2d6+4) & 1 antidote(cure against poison).

Actual Equipment

Head: --- || Ears(LOL?): ---
Neck: ---
body: --- || back: ???
arms : ---
fingers1: ??? || fingers2: ???
waist : ???
foot : ???
Weapon1 : ???
|_Weapon2/shield : ???
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