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June 24, 2018, 03:00:57 pm
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Tales Of The Dead: Chapter 2 -The Lost Fleet-

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Author Topic: Tales Of The Dead: Chapter 2 -The Lost Fleet-  (Read 205 times)
Altes Eisen
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Time To Test Your Luck! (Now with EXTRA flavor!)

« on: January 24, 2010, 05:18:38 am »

2nd Installment installment of my "Tales of The Dead" RP(since 1 is almost over/ on hiatus Tongue)...
'nuff said.


Space; Year 2623.

"Record nr.4907"
"At the present time and hour; we received a message...
a SOS; coming from the "Ricken-baurer(1)" a ship that is part of the so called "Lost fleet."

"That's strange as said ship was following another ship the "USRG(2)"; and that the last communication with them was about 7

months ago...
Lastly; last communication was about some "Unbelievable discovery that will change  the whole universe;and all thanks to our

faith!"...stupid Zealots and their Unitology(3) faith."

"Anyway; after some discussion the "higher ups guys" decided to send a ship to check things out;
and i really DO wonder what will they find in there."

1*Battle ship of "executioner" class; sended to protect the USRG...last communication with them was 7 months ago.
2*Large ship used for mining/research and (planet/star)cracking(4), as with the Ricken-bauer;last communication with them was

7 months ago...after they DID discover something.
3*Zealots; believing that everything is peace/love and hippy but MORE dangerous(The USRG embarked a

considerable nr. of them)
4*Operation in which a dangerous planet/star is "cracked" to avoid danger &/or collisions

Pretty simple; you're blocked in there(in SPACE) SURVIVE; you won't be able to god mod, and it's all about how smart

you play it(as usual with these kind of things).

((*hint* that "thing" that stays between your ears has more uses; besides poking it when you polish your nose Tongue
-it's getting old; i DO need a new one xD-)).

Your Hud(aka:AM i going to DIE?!) ((Nahh...ok maybe :p ))
Each post should be done like this:

(1)your health(how badly injured you are)      (2)Equipped weapon: Anything goes

(3) Your post:1st person speech

*text* doing something
"*text*" talking
(*text*) thinking
((*text*)) DM notes(aka my notes-lol-)
emoticons you can use them to give a facial expression to your char (-lol-)

(NO more explanation/s needed i guess)

(4)Your inventory (What are you bringing along; MAX 8 items, without counting the equipped one)

P.S:Weapon with ammo will have a / letting others know how many shots you still have(Ex: Plasma gun(6/8) it?)

So it will be like this:
HP=1(Huh) Weapon: P.cutter
Huh = 100% |??? = 10%

I move to the main bridge (****, what's with all these DEAD bodies around!?)

Inventory(2/???):Info disk; lvl.1 pass.

NOTE:You will start with NO weapons/martial "Wa-ta-ta"/whatever else; i only used a handgun for example 

you'll find a good number of things(and weapons too this time! Tongue) around...improvisation; remember? Tongue

Extra knowledge (aka; MAYBE this will save me!) ((Yea like IF it would really work...))

1)Sometime you'll see a counter running; and thing MAY happens when  it reach 0.


---------(3): somethings gonna happen...may it be good or bad.
---^^^---(3): somethings of dangerous MAY happen.
-^^^^^^^-(3): somethings of EXTREMELY dangerous is on it's way....*dead*
v^v^v^v^v(-): ...!? *dead* ((AGAIN!? Tongue))

P.S: Sometimes the counter will be invisible;just to add up to the "unknown" feeling...but you'll probably have enough hints

to save yourself(Ex: If you ear eavy stomps; you're alone...and probably NO ONE weights 1/2 tons...well something bad & big

may be coming for you ^^)

About health
You have 1 HP; but before you'll very SOON find a way to get more(kind of)
1: Your character is alive and in perfect health
<1 but >0:Your caracter is wounded
0: Your character died...

P.S: When you die; you can:
A)Keep playing with another character; but the old one is dead
B)Continue: you ;and ALL the guys that saw you died/where there with you;will go back to before that (aka i'll delete 10 or

more posts)
C)Be reborn as a moster; your new task is to be a "UBER PK",and your score is based on nr. of kills.
Last thing remember that when you die (and remain dead)ANYONE that finds your body CAN loot it.


1)Be descriptive in your post; interpretation IS important AND you'll need it.
There's difference about sneaking in a hallway OR barge in it(OLD examples are always the best-lol) know?
2)No particular rule/s against PK;You wish it?
DO IT...just be ready for the consequences.(for monster it IS actually a good thing to go PKing!)
3)Improvise...i'll never be tired of saying it; try to use the enviroment at your advantage.
4)Sometimes escape is the better option.(better be a living coward than a brave DEAD)
5)Be on your toes: dangers lurks everywhere AND monster/s may respawn...

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