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June 24, 2018, 03:20:17 pm
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Your Original Characters' Signture Moves

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Author Topic: Your Original Characters' Signture Moves  (Read 274 times)
Amarylis Blossom
A new hero, a new legend
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No, don't expect her in the next Touhou fighter

« on: November 09, 2009, 06:44:37 pm »

... And Fan Characters for the not-as-creative ones. *shot*

 This topic is mainly for posting signiture moves your characters use that have very specific specializations, much like most combat themes do nowadays from any medium. You do not have to follow my format but at least make it comprehensable for the reader and add specific notes that is neccesary to hidden implications.

Basics = Unspecialized normal attacks.

Specials = Upgrades from Basics.

Astral Drives = Think of these kinda like Supers from fighting games or "Limit Breaks" from RPGs.

Zenith Drives =The most powerful versions of Drives they are the equivillent to desperation/ultimate/highest level Supers.

Amarylis Blossom


-Psychic Powered Melee Attacks: Amarylis delivers swift yet mundane hand-to-hand combat moves powered up by her psychokinetic powers for super strength levels.

-Psychic Projectiles: Simple psychic projectiles with no real defined patterns.

-Telekinesis: Uses her mind to push, grab and throw things with her powers.   


-Psyblast: A large and wide mind blast wave that travels in a straight path at high speed. Delivers concussive force.

-Cluster Petal Barrage: Amarylis can summon a wall of small, concussive waves in dozens and from any angle possible. Does lesser damage but the sheer number of waves add up.

-Blooming Bud "Psychic Arrow": Amarylis fires an elongated and super quick psychic wave that has high penetration power but one of her easier to dodge projectiles.

-Spring Day "Psycho Missile": A powerful, high speed dropkick/sliding kick performed while Amarylis generates a quarter sphere shield in front of herself to plow at anything ahead while propelling herself with a long psyblast.

-Seasonal Regathering "Mental Mirror": Amarylis can reflect incoming projectiles or curses by generating a psychic screen in front of herself or redirect projectiles and curses precisely by waving her hand.

-Pillage Arcadia "Corruption": Amarylis grabs onto her target tightly and pins them telekinetically and physically against a solid surface to molest them. The waves induced from her body during the distraction can cause Confusion status.   

*Astral Drives
-Shield Blast "Blooming Frenzy": Amarylis can power up her psychic barrier to become much bigger and convert it into a high-pressure psychic explosion.

-Pollenation "Psycho Meteor": An upgraded Psycho Missile with far more power and speed as well as a full, larger barrier. It's trail rains down curtain fire. Her most damaging Astral Drive.

-Psychic Symbol ~ "Mind Gravity": Amarylis creates a psychic sphere and willfully plants it  deep into the ground to spread across a large vicinity. Everything under the psychic field will be pulled down against the ground and possibly burried into the ground as if it was a great increase of gravity taking place. Lasts for half a minute.

-Psychic Symbol ~ "Psycho Comet": Amarylis concentrates psychic energy at a certain area and launches it as a super fast "fireball" shaped blast. She can focus psychic enegry to any present location and launch it anywhere. She can form one enormous blast or six smaller, weaker ones.

*Zenith Drives

-Wrathful Flower "Unforgiving Blossom": Amarylis launches a small sphere of psyshic energy at her target, sealing them inside it. Concentrating power the sphere grows much larger until it detonates to unleash a devastating concussive explosion with the victim inside. Her most damaging move overall.

-Psychic Symbol ~ "Annihalation Garden": Amarylis concentrates psychic energy beneath the ground at a rapid rate in tremendous amounts. Several seconds later Amarylis detonates the energy into a cataclysmic blast from underground that reaches farther than the eye can see in every direction. 

Akihana Konasuki


-Divine Powered Melee Attacks: Akihana delivers swift yet mundane hand-to-hand combat moves powered up by her spirit energy for super strength levels.

-Divine Blasts: Akihana can use her purified spirit energy to unleash concussive blasts of undefined patterns.

-Talisman Attacks: Akihana can fire divine powered talismans of varying effects of damage or ailments. More damage than normal porjectiles.


-Spirit Mine: Akihana can throw and plant talismans on any solid surface. She can make them explode via proximity detection or with willpowered detonation.

-Multi-Angular "Nature Shield": Akihana summons angular positioned sparks to settle and suspend in midair to create a shield that can negate the passage of almost any physical thing, spell and even curses for several seconds. She can also a few at a time.

-Divine Consoludation "Spirit Assembly": With agreement of local spiritual entities Akihana can gather their ki energy to form seven small spheres to float with her wherever she goes. These spheres can fire concussive blasts rapidly at once or all together as temporary extra firepower.

-Sacred Light "Blessing of Miracles": Through summoning the powers of willing local deities Akihana can summon beams of light from the sky to restore physical health gradually for anyone in the light including herself. However for every extra beam summoned the more quicker for Akihana to wear out.

-Two-Way Link "Phantom Accelerator": With focus towards a proximated distance Akihana can temporary take a phantom form and translocate herself harmlessly anywhere in the area unoccupied by solid matter,

-White Fist "Maiden Fluster": Akihana throws a glowing punch at her target. If it connects both her and her target will pause for a second then get sent sailing afterwards as they have been strucked by ten punches in a short lapse of time.

*Astral Drives

-Soul Source "Divine Signal": Akihana faces one palm into the air to form a dome of divine energy around herself then immediately shoots it into the sky as a geyser-like blast.

-Exorcism Rite "Youkai Revoker": Akihana focuses divine power in the form of a huge sphere and launches it from her hand. All victims caught inside the sphere's path will be absorbed within to accumilate heat and pressure damage until the sphere gives out or explodes. Amulet orbs can be used to prepare the move much faster. All exposed to the sphere are cleared of all status ailments.

*Zenith Drives

-Divine Symbol ~ "Destiny Seal": Creating a pocket space inside a magical container Akihana will then gather huge amounts of energy inside then activate it to create a vortex that will pull in anything that has been designated for a radius of several miles. Those sealed in the container will instantly lose consciousness.

-Absolute Boundary ~ "Four Dimensional Distortor": Akihana creates a donut-like cylinder that stretches in all directions as far as the eye can see and lasts for a few minutes, bending time and space within. The boundary in the "ring" will cut distance and time by 90% while the "ring hole" will increase distance and time within by 900%. Boundaries are intangible for this spell.

-Purification "Panorama Paradise": Holding her arms out to her sides Akihana calls on the gods to lend her power of a tremendous magnitude. She then unleashes this power as a thick, blinding white light from the sky that covers the area farther than the eyes can see while she takes a phantom form for the whole sequence of the move. All (excluding herself) caught in the light will get hit by immense heat and concussive force for a number of seconds. Capable of causing extra pain if any excess blackness in one's soul is existant as it burns away darkness.


Amielle Bonnet


-Ki Powered Melee Moves: Amielle can deliver swift martial arts melee moves of many sorts, advanced or mundane, powered by her own ki for super strength levels.

-Ki Blasts: Amielle can shoot ki blasts of undefined patterns.


-Iron Fist "Impact Crusher": Amielle focuses a good amount of her ki in her arm muscles while pulling her arm back and then unleashes a punch, all in a blink of an eye.

-Essence Kick "Razor Wheel": Amielle does a ki charged high kick to unleash a high speed ring of ki that spins on it's axis and projects with it's bladed side forward. High focus cutting power.

-High Spirit "Tempest Fist: Amielle does a thrusting punch after gathering her own ki into her fist in huge amounts to deliver a concussive vaccuum of tremendous force that has great range and excellent spread.

-Enlightened "Aural Rhapsody": Amielle focuses harder to concentrate more ki into herself than usual for a speed and power boost for as long as she remains at this state. However Amielle's attacks also gain more noticable cooldown as well.

-Earth Trample "Essence Eruption": Amielle can focus ki anywhere beneath the ground then stomps it with one foot to shoot a razing beam of ki that can pass the clouds and is able to shoot more than one at a time. The stomping alone, however, is enough to rumble the ground to knock most off their feet.

*Astral Drives

-Spirit Symbol ~ "Seismic Punch: A vastly upgraded version of "Impact Crusher" except that Amielle's fist produces an enormous ki shield in front of it and she slides a few feet ahead at high speed.

-Inner Passionate "Dynamo Barrage": With ki heavy infused extremities Amielle will unleash a flurry of blinding punches and kicks a few seconds then deliver a highly charged elbow and knew thrust as near the end then finish the five-hundredth hit with a devastating high punch that will send almost anything into the sky.

-Spirit Symbol ~ "Leviathan Guillotine": Amielle concentrates massive amounts of ki in her body then transolcates herself above her target hundreds of feet above to deliver a hand chop almost instantly. Her most damaging move though not the most powerful.

*Zenith Drives

-Grand Catastrophe ~ "Extinguisher": After gathering a large fraction of her personal ki into her body Amielle will then stomp the ground to release earth rending waves along the ground farther than the eye can see for several seconds.


Nami Kuroki


-Magic Swipes: Nami will form spheres of destructive magic around her hands to perform powerful swipes.

-Magic Bolts: Nami can shoot destructive magic bolts with no real defined pattern.


-Inner Passion "Spite Bomb": Nami extracts energy from her spite and forms it into a black magic sphere that will home on anyone she resents. Very explosive

-Dark Art "Spell Containment Circle": Nami can form a spell circle on any surface around her vicinity. Anything that touches the spell circle is caught and held into place for several seconds.

-Vengeful Cobra "Black Venom": Nami will shoot black globs of dark magic from her palm that will seep into the soul of anyone exposed to it, gradually draining the consciousness. Curable by anti-curses.

-Vital Agonizer "Black Leech": Nami grabs her target tightly with her hand to magically siphon lifeforce from her victim and add it to her own. Prolong use is lethal towards the victim.

-Theatrical "Ecliptic Spectrum": Nami summons a floating spell circle that concentrates dark ki from herself and stations in place as a temporary turret.It will fire magic bolts from either sides of the spell circle at designated targets in the vicinity.

-Curse of Cardinal Vices: Nami summons an arrow made of black magic and mentally shoots it at an intended target. Anyone hit will receive an ailment based on their strongest sin commited, disregarding most status immunities. This includes Pride (Doom- In several minutes one will be tooken out within several minutes), Envy (Freeze- Incased in a block of frozen moisture), Lust (Burn- Will receive bodily burns that can increase damage received), Wrath (Paralysis- All body movemehts disabled), Gluttoney (Berserk- Deprived of Drive attacks for several minutes), Greed (Agony- Will cause victim to feel as if they were in burning oil and are weaker against Fire attacks for several minutes) and Sloth (Poison- Infected with a health draining poison)

-Black Cat's "Jinx Claw": Nami swipes her hand at the air to unleash a black slash projectile at her target. If it connects and causes successful bleeding a curse will be afflicted that causes failure yo occur more often for the victim until the bleeding has been cured.

*Astral Drives

-Black Hand's "Essence Confiscation": A dangerous spell with notable start-up from the fact Nami must form a huge shadow hand made of mana. Once made Nami will command the hand to swipe at a given direction, stealing the souls of anyone who has been hit. Can only be used once a spell.

-Mutual Link "Chains of Fate": Another start-up delay spell in which Nami summons intangible chains attached to her own soul and shoots the other end to seek her target. If it hits the other end will attach itself to the victim's soul. Once hooked Nami and her victim will receive a linked curse in which if one is afflicted with any status effects or ailments the other will suffer the same exact way at the same time. Can only be broken with a sufficient anti-curse.

-Theatrical "Shadow Overdrive Cannon": Nami summons a giant spell circle to station anywhere to float in midair and have it rapidly rotate on it's axis. Once activated by Nami the spell will fire a succession of highly destructive magic bolts in dozens per second for half a minute, similar to a minigun but more advanced.

-Black Symbol ~ "Pursuaded Puppet": Yet another start-up delay spell that allows Nami to shoot a shadowed blast that will try to consume whatecer victim hit and try to overcome their will. If it successfully overcomes that said victim's will they will become Nami's totally obedient mind puppet, having control range of an entire planet's length.

*Zenith Drives

-Black Symbol ~ Sacrilegious Wish": Nami's longest start-up delayed and most powerful curse that will form a boundary that manifests the sins of anyone into a shadowy phsycial entity that will rampage nonstop until destroyed. This curse is so powerful that enough effort put into it allows Nami to cast it at a global scale.

-Black Rite ~ "Spite's Puppet of Grisly Torment": Nami's most powerful and demanding spell that not only must it be done precisely but also requires over half of her full power as a price of use. When done wrong Nami will waste the energy she sacrificed in the form of a black beam that shoots itself into space. When activated correctly Nami will summon a 50 foot tall shadow giant with strength expected for it to strike and menuver above it's proportions and has destructive magic half as strong as Nami's. It's actually a physical manifestation of Nami's spite and is 100% obedient to it's creator. The spell ends if the giant has been defeated or the energy supply within it's make-up has been used up. 

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