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June 24, 2018, 03:16:10 pm
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New RP(17/06/09) -Hesterya?-

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Author Topic: New RP(17/06/09) -Hesterya?-  (Read 264 times)
Altes Eisen
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Time To Test Your Luck! (Now with EXTRA flavor!)

« on: June 17, 2009, 05:22:30 am »

(Nice guy ain't him?^)

(.VI.)CHARACTER TEMPLATE(This should help people that are trying to make a new char) -NEW-
More to Come...(maybe)

Well;as you know i LOVE to do this kind of stuff; so here i go with try nr.5(7-8-200-more? I DID lose the count Tongue)
P.S:Short intro ain't it? Tongue

1)This will be my 1st shot at a Free Roaming RP; so we'll improvvisate a lot...bear with me Grin.
2)Interaction is important;try to make a team,talk with other people,don't try just to kill anything that moves...sure;if you want to settle something go for PvP all the way. -usual stuff-
3)In this RPG you can DIE if your HP hit -10 you die;more on this later...-usual stuff-
4)This is the dice everyone CAN use -IF they miss the real things;of course- ( ).-usual stuff-
5)Any post is equivalent to a turn in battle(you can't bump your own post).-usual stuff-
6)When i say 1d20 or 2d12 the 1st number means the quantity of dice/s(1-2-32 etc.etc.);the 2nd the type(d20,d12,d4 and so on).-usual stuff-
7)You CAN create up to 5 PC but you can only use 1 for RP at a time;of course they CAN interact with them after parking them in a "safe" area.(Talk,exchange items,doing against you? Tongue-)-usual stuff-
10)Rules are pretty simple;i DO suggest reading'em Tongue.
8)We'll often use d20 to decide things(If you succesfully use a skill or other extra action;if you hit your enemy) in this case note that a natural 1(without extra) will be a failure (ALWAYS);a 20(without extra) will be a critical succes(ALWAYS).-usual stu...i'm getting tired of this...-
9)Time passing depends on the guy running the thing(of course);as for me i like making it pass when i'm around...Tongue -sigh* usual stuff & blah,blah-
10)Copy your character sheet on a read-me on your PC;it will make easier to update/check his/her status.-i won't say it anymore; i'm tired!-
11)NO powerplayer/cheating Tongue (like autohit and shits; if you pick a fight with a high level monster/char i couldn't care's YOUR funeral anyway...)
12)Profiles are stored in the apposite sub-forum.

P.S:Snacks & Drinks aren't included in the session...
I LIED Cheesy



Chips(Japanese Taste Tongue)
Full? Goo; let's go on.

Basic concept:you reach 0 HP you are unable to fight you can move around or try to drink a potion/get healed while slipping in negative numbers will have you go in coma.(unable to fight,move and so on,NOT dead);you reach -10 or worse;YOU DIE(Could be a good time to create/use another char or to ask to other -ALIVE- players IF they can carry yours to the city to get revived).
NOTE! = When in a coma you'll be considered like knocked down(-5 AC),any turn a char in coma throws 1d20;if he get 10 or more he'll stabilize by him/herself,(Of course he/she'll still be a easy target!) if he/she fails the throw he/she will lost that turn & lose 1 HP as well -remember - 10 = Death -.The char won't be able to fight unless someone heals him for more than 0 HP(if you get HP=1;you can fight again;however THAT would be a bit dangerous/stupid...).The worst is that you will have to pay for cures(of course);also you won't get any rewards even IF the remaining character/s win that battle.

AKA,when your fingers are itching near your weapon/s...

Step 1: Roll iniziative-each char involved in the battle throws [1d20+DEX+Any extra bonus(it may be on a weared ite
m;be a skill he learned and so on)],who gets the higher go 1st the the 2nd higher,3rd higher and so on(normally the DM throws for opponent/monsters).Note that when a class summon some help(like a Necromancer that raise a skeleton)they'll act in the same turn as their master.
NOTE! = As always scoring a natural 20(just the dice BEFORE you add anything else) will mean you go 1st.On the contrary scoring a PERFECT 1 means you go last(Tough luck...) 

Step 2:What to do when your turn comes around; you have several choices here:
A)Attack = Attack with your equiped weapon(dmg depends on the weapon;for Hit see below here)
Melee attacks(ONLY hit the front long as there IS a front line;else go for the Rear as well)
Hit=-1d20+HIT+Any bonus/skill deriving from your current skills-
Ranged Attacks(hit BOTH the Front and Rear Line)
Hit=-1d20+HIT+Any bonus/skill deriving from your current skills-
If your Hit is > than the opponent AC(Armor class;how much you're protected against injuries);you damage them.

NOTE! = IF you score a natural 20;you will double the inflicted dmg; but if you score a perfect 1 you'll have to roll a d20; and these things may happen:
1-5= Nothing
6-10 = Slip AND fall on the ground(lose your turn)
11-15 = YOU take the dmg.
16-19 = Someone else takes the dmg (enemy or ally);DM decides that.
20 = Broke the weapon you're currently using (if magical it blows up,doing 1d100 of dmg for EACH special ability it does have)
B)Defend = Skip the turn and gain +5 AC and immunity to altered status(sleep,poison,etc.etc.) untill your next turn.
C)Use a skill = Use 1 of your character active skill;if you have enought SP to use it of course.(skills may be gained in the game flow.[(.V.)Character Creation])
D)Flee = Not very honorable BUT sometimes it's better to survive and fight another day(You may be pursued or NOT depends on the DM wish/style of play).

Step3:About Front/Rear lines and Skills
A character CAN be deployed here on the Front(F) or Rear(R) lines depending on which kinds of weapon/Skills he/she can use.
Front attacker that uses melee weapons usually deals massive damages;but they can't touch Rear lines monster/opponents as long as there is even just 1 character still stnding in the front.
Rear liners CAN attack Front/Rear but they usually do less dmg.Some skills may permit a Front attacker to ignore this rule(If so this is described in the skill as well).
And since we're talking about skills...they are gained at the beginning of the game(3) or after training with a master(assuming you have the right stats/the needed money).Skills are divided in 2 types (passive AND active) passive skills always works without needing SP;while you DO need SP to use a active skill(Even if-normally- IT'S worth it).
NOTE:You can teach a companion a skill you know but there are a few rules about it:
1)You can only teach skill up to level 1.
2)The companion MUST still have the requirements needed to learn the skill.

Step 4:Easy targets(helpless opponent/s)
A helpless opponent is someone who is bound, sleeping, paralyzed, in coma, or otherwise at your mercy.
No need to throw for hitting against them when attacking;just throw the dmg.

Just some random question i answered in the past(more MAY be added Wink )

Q:Can i have more of 1/5 chars at the same time? I need my whole 6/12 people squad! (*sigh*)
A:Well yeah;BUT you'll use 1 for RP-or more DM's choice- after all;cheerleading does NOT require presence...they can scream your name while staying somewhere else... Tongue

Q:Too much stuff!
A:And you call this much?...You should see some of my previous ones.

A:Like i DO care ^_^

Q:Can i teleport/autohit/be SUPER?

((That's all for now Tongue))

Last things;if you need help in creating your char. contact me here(PM).

A BIG thank you to my friends at the G.lounge without knowing they DID help a lot,expecially to
Kiri,HC,Robyn,Delk and Dusk(aka where's my Wall-o-text!?) LOL.
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