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Touhou Fantasy

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Author Topic: Touhou Fantasy  (Read 3116 times)
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Just getting through day at a time...

« on: June 25, 2009, 01:35:38 am »

This is my 1st RPG project on 2k3 (1 of 3 that I'm working on but this one takes top priority right now). Not much to show here, save for some test battles that I uploaded. I COULD explain the story, but I'll probably do that here later on. For those who don't know what Touhou is, it's a Shmup type game (with 2 fighting games as well) with a boatload of characters in it. I figured to do a RPG for this since well.....I've been itching to do a RPG forever now, and the idea I have for this just seems to appeal to me.

Beta Release Video:

You can find the patches and beta link there, but just in case, here they are:

Beta2 (required now for patching):

Beta3 patch v1.8 (Lots of things fixed):

Beta3 Music:

Link to CommandFTP (Needed to run the game):


Still working on this bit, but just bear with me. It'll seem pretty dull at first methinks, since it's been years since I've actually done a story ^^;;

One day, Rinnosuke started receiving a ton of odd and bizarre items from the outside world, many of which he did not know of what they did, and even several long forgotten items. However, one day, while taking a break from putting away the recent stash of items he had gotten earlier that week, a box mysteriously crashed in front of Rinnosuke's shop, and Rinnosuke, realizing what this box was, hid it inside his shop. Later on that day, he decided that he would destroy this box, but had found the box open when he went to destroy it. Whisked away to another dimension, the entity of the box tried to take over Rinnosuke's body, but somehow, Rinnosuke managed to absorb the entity instead, claiming that he needed it's power to do his biding.

Later on that day, at the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu and Suika were setting up for the festival, when Reimu notices a strange crackling sound in the air. Trying to figure out what this sound was, Marisa shows up and the two decide to go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion to talk to Patchouli. However, it seemed that the recent noise was interferring with their abilities to fly, so they had to foot it to the mansion, going through Misty Lake itself, where the two defeat Cirno and Daiyousei. After explaining to Reimu that the two had been beaten earlier by an older man and wanted to go with Reimu to prove that she was stronger than her, Reimu (relunctantly) agreed to let Cirno join her, and the trio makes their way to the SDM, where they meet up with Aya who joins after Marisa leaves to check Aya's rumour of Rinnosuke being missing, and where an earthquake occurs during the middle of their conversation with Remilia.

At this time, Suika encounters Hope, and after calming her down and talking with her for a while, Hope and Suika became fast friends. However, curiousity gets the better of Suika, and she opens up a box that Hope had with her, and becomes tainted by the chaos of the box, grows to colossal size, and rampages off, destroying the Hakurei Shrine in the process.

After speaking with Remilia, the trio head off to the Hakurei Shrine to see what had happened and encounter Hope. Refusing to go to the Human Village and claiming that she needed to stay to protect the box, Reimu lets Hope stay and continues to the Forest of Magic, where she fights a controlled Rumia and Mystia. Breaking them free of the control, the two join Cirno and the team continues on to Kourindou. Here, they run into Rinnosuke and Yukari, who explain what they're trying to find. However, Rinnosuke never says exactly why Marisa and Alice are helping him, or why he's trying to get the Pandora's Box. Rinnosuke and Yukari leaves Reimu in confusion, and then Reimu and the team head off to Marisa's household, where they find out that Marisa is in fact working with Rinnosuke and ends up fighting her. Overwhelmed by her power, Marisa leaves and the team returns to the SDM as that was Marisa's next target.

Arriving too late, as the resident maids had all been corrupted, the team fights their way through Meiling, who joins the team after her defeat to save her friends (at which point Aya leaves the team, worried about the Youkai Mountain after Momiji alerts her of trouble), and getting the keys to unlock the way into the library, and fights their way to Patchouli, who forces the team to fight her. After defeating Patchouli, the team heads to Flandre's dungeon, where they run into a manipulated Sakuya trying to kill Remilia. After bringing Sakuya back to her senses, Patchouli agrees to go with Reimu to meet Hope, at which point Hope agrees to go with the team to Eientei (following Patchouli due to Patchouli not being targeted by Pandora).

After arriving at the Forest of Bamboo, the team fights through Wriggle (who joins Cirno), and then fights through the forest maze while keeping Reisen and an army of Tewis at bay. At the entrance of Eientei, the team has their final battle with Reisen, who joins them after Cirno is kidnapped by Eirin. Fighting their way through Eientei, the group encounters Eirin and defeat her, but are forced to flee as Kaguya rampages through Eientei and the forest. The team is saved at the last minute by Mokou, who gives them enough time to escape Kaguya's wrath. Unable to rescue Cirno, the team returns to the SDM, where they find that the tables have turned, and Remilia had been trying to kill Sakuya. At this point, the team is forced to fight and defeat Remilia. At this point, Sakuya joins the party (and at which point, the Party Selection system will be put into use).

Returning to the Hakurei Shrine, the team runs into Marisa and Alice and are again overwhelmed. Hope however stands up to the duo, but is severely beaten, at which point Reisen manages to break the manipulation on Marisa. Marisa in turns tries to break the hold on Alice, as well as Reisen, but Alice resists both of them and manages to escape. Marisa joins the team again as they travel to the Youkai Mountain to seek help from Sanae and see how Aya is holding up.

However, as the team finds out, Aya and Momiji are holding out badly, and stumble upon the two severely injured. The team fights off a hoarde of monsters, and as the team are nearly overwhelmed by the shear number of monsters, Sanae appears and miraculously dispatches the hoarde. After receiving news from Sanae that Kanako had joined Rinnosuke, and that Rinnosuke was searching for the Sword of Kusanagi (which Marisa had stolen from Rinnosuke some time ago without him knowing), the team heads back to Marisa's home, where they arrive too late to Rinnosuke taking the sword. The team then return to Kourindou to search the place, and find nothing of importance. Returning back to Marisa's home, the team then searches Alice's home to find that there had been an extreme struggle there. The team then decided to seek out Keine to see if she could tell them anything about Pandora.

However, arriving at the Higurashi School at which Keine was at, they found that the school had been torn apart, and that Akyu had gone missing with Keine. Finding a hidden passage under the school, the team follows the passage until they run into Keine who was holding Akyu hostage, and were forced to defeat Keine, bringing her back to her senses. At this point, the team finds out what Pandora's and Rinnosuke's true intent are, and they need several people to help them with their plans, which included Marisa, Alice, Cirno, Yukari, and several others. Worried that it may be too late to save Cirno, the team returns to Eientei, where the team fights their way back through with the help of Mokou, defeating Eirin and saving Cirno. Kaguya appears yet again, and easily defeats Mokou, though Eirin sacrifices her life to give the team a chance to escape. Sadden by the loss of her master, Reisen decides that she will go with Reimu to wherever she went until she stopped Pandora herself. The team then returns to Youkai Mountain, where Aya and Momiji both join the team as they headed for Hakugyoukou to speak with Yuyuko.

Upon arriving at Hakugyoukou, the team is attacked by Youmu, who was only doing her job not knowing of the current events. After defeating Youmu and reaching the garden, they are attacked yet again by Youmu, and defeat her one again. At this time, Yuyuko appears and explains to Youmu the current situation. Yuyuko then tells the team to fight her, and after defeating her, Chaos appears and attacks Yuyuko, but is easily defeated by Yuyuko. However, Rinnosuke soon appears and awakens the Saigyou Ayakashi, which absorbs Yuyuko. The team is forced to fight and defeat it, but upon doing so, Rinnosuke absorbs the Saigyou Ayakashi and leaves to find Chaos to absorb it. Due to this, Yuyuko is slowly fading away, but Fate appears and manages to keep Yuyuko's spirit in existence, telling the party to seek out Sikieiki. Youmu joins the party, vowing to defeat Rinnosuke and Pandora, and the party heads out to the SDM to figure out where Sikieiki could be located.


FF-styled, I guess? I'm not that advanced in RPG Maker yet ^^;;

Character Playstyles:

Reimu: Your basic all around type character. Can reduce damage from elemental attacks for characters, cast Blink on everyone (making it so that physical attacks miss for a while), and even use Holy elemental attacks to damage enemies. Also has one of the highest resistance to Death (with Komachi and Youmu being completely immune to Death).

Marisa: Your typical powerhouse character. All of her attacks focus on inflicting either heavy damage to one enemy, or smacking all enemies around for less than average damage. Also has an ability to remove good statuses from the opponent. Most of her attacks are Thunder elemental.

Cirno: Your summoner type character. Learns summons (no real names in this game) by defeating them in battle (she starts with Daiyousei, then automatically gets Mystia, Rumia, Wriggle, Tewi, and Chen through storyline, while she gets EX Rumia, Koakuma, Iku, Rin, and Letty as optional summons). Also specializes in reducing the enemy's stats as well as Ice elemental attacks and Freezing the opponent.

Aya: Your typical speedy character. Attack is moderately high, and she usually starts the battle first. Can remove statuses from the opponent as well as inflict a couple statuses with attacks, increase resistance to Wind attacks to party members, and even give good statuses to party members. Uses Wind elemental attacks.

Meiling: Another powerhouse character who is the only other character that can restore HP other than Cirno. Deals mostly with physical attacks and Earth elemental attacks. High HP and attack, but low Magic and speed.

Patchouli: Your typical magic user. Extremely low HP and defense (she usually dies easily from physical attacks), but very high MP and Magic. Focuses on elemental magic the most (of course!) as well as draining HP and MP from the opponent. Can also use various statuses on opponents.

Sakuya: Think Time Mage for this one. Deals with slowing opponents and speeding up the party, as well as attacking all enemies. 3rd fastest character in the game (IIRC).

Reisen: Your White Mage in a way. Specializes in removing status effects from your party, as well as defense piercing attacks (mostly Shadow elemental attacks).

Youmu: Your typical samurai. Deals only with physical attacks with her swords, which have various effects such as reducing defense, magic, and speed. Is also the only character that can cast Reflect status on allies. Cannot use shields.

Momiji: Your standard warrior. Also deals heavily with physical attacks with swords with elemental properties, but also various effects (several that targets herself).

Nitori: Your typical alchemist. At higher levels, she learns abilities that lets her use items for free, and she also specializes in Water elemental attacks.

Komachi: Your status user. Every single one of her moves will inflict some status on her opponent, as well as small damage. She is also one of the only characters that has a reviving ability! Shadow elemental at that.

Optional Characters:

Advent Cirno: Uses sword techs as well as Cirno's original Ice and Call commands (though she loses several commands that Cirno can get from Ice). Just about all of her attacks are elemental based, though she herself is still Ice elemental. The downside to getting her? She starts back at Level 1 (ala Cecil style) when everyone else is probably around Level 20-30 at the time.

Remilia: Your speedy heavy hitting magic user. Can't use any weapons, but makes up for that anyways with her high attack and Shadow elemental attacks. Mostly drains HP and MP from the opponent as well as focusing on reducing their stats.

Mokou: Mokou's an odd case. All of her attacks only deal with Fire, but nothing special comes from them. Hourai Doll adds all statuses to an opponent, while Ihakasa's Moon Curse adds good and bad statuses to an ally. What's good about her then? Get her best move, and see just how nice she becomes.

Yuka: There's nothing to really say about Yuka except she's nothing but pure destruction. Just about anything anyone else can do, she can do and almost better.

That's everyone from the playable side. Originally, I WAS going to add Flandre as a PC as well as Sanae, but *if* I make a sequel to this, they'd be in that anyways so.....I wouldn't want to ruin that here. Also, I MIGHT make Flandre a summon for Cirno/Advent Cirno....not sure yet considering that EX Rumia is supposed to be the best summon.


There'd be too many vids to post, so I'll just post the playlist link here, and show the more recent Battle Animation Exhibition vids.

World Map:

Exhibition Vids:

Exhibition 1 - Reimu Complete

Exhibition 2 - Marisa Complete

Exhibition 3 - Sakuya Complete

Exhibition 4 - Patchouli & Meiling Complete

Exhibition 5 - Aya & Youmu Complete + Cirno

Exhibition 6 - Cirno & Komachi Complete

Exhibition 7 - Remilia & Reisen Complete

More World Map Video:

Storyline Videos:


Human Village (oh noes! It's more bad mapping! Keep in mind that this is an older map, and it's been since updated):

Misty Lake (2 parts):

Part 1:

Part 2:

Scarlet Devil Mansion (2 parts) (Also revamped, but still needs worked on):

Part 1:

Part 2:

Hakurei Shrine Ruins (Oh noes! Even more bad mapping! D= ):

Forest of Magic (2 parts) (I really like how the map turned out here):

Part 1:

Part 2:

Kourindou (SPOILER vid):

Kirisame Household (SPOILER vid):

Scarlet Devil Mansion Return:

SDM Event 2:

SDM Event 3:

Forest of Bamboo:

Link to Other Vids:

You may leave any feedbacks, comments, fixes, ideas, and whatnot in this thread or the Touhou RPG thread. Keep in mind that there are spoilers in the file to be found, as I left the Touhou RPG Script Plot there for those who want a read, and want to know what happens later on (the script is only 1/4 of the full story, and the beta only goes up to about 1/2 of the current script....).

Enjoy, and I hope you all have fun with this! Looking forward to hearing from you guys ^^


Rinnosuke is complaining about the ton of items he's been receiving:

The heroines are about to set out on their journey:

Momiji will not let you pass!

Do YOU believe what Komachi has to say?

The path splits into two. Expect this from the upcoming dungeons!

Who'd thought Reimu would run into Cirno as the first one?

The party fights Cirno and Daiyousei!

Aya to the rescue? Or Meiling just being clumsy? You decide!

I'm currently trying to figure out how to make a Party Changing System as well as a way to make attacks hit multiple times.
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A new hero, a new legend
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« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2010, 12:32:05 pm »

Hi and good job so far  Wink

I've just recently started playing the game and here are my *current* comments/suggestions:
-The client seems to cut the dialog text from the right side of the screen if the last word of that line is too long (doesn't fit the screen).
-Some areas have too much empty space (especially buildings). Make smaller buildings or fill the empty space with something? I can't really recommend the latter option.
-Maybe this is just me, but it seems to be a bit annoying to "select a character" when only one of your character has full time bar.
-Difficulty seems to be quite hard at the beginning, WHEN I'm still trying to learn the controls.
-There is NO way to know (without watching the video) that the lake is an area you can enter.
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A new hero, a new legend
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« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2010, 12:01:15 pm »

Hello... I've re-started your game (downloading from your Youtube profile Beta2/Beta3/Beta3Music)

And The map is completely different (but not bad), I've only cross the bridge once, where It said I don't need to go there, but I cannot get out (since the glitch put me across the bridge)... also in the Item/Scroll shop... I can walk over your jewels... and that should be fix in my opinion.

Anyway... Cheesy I'm going to continue playing.

X3 in Beta3 have you place all characters from 2-12? Because you are awesome XD

BTW I skipped on you plot... I don't want to be spoiled but I read most of your stuff...

But those patchs on this topic... should I download them? Or is beta3 enough?
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