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Title: Tales Of The Deads 2 -Characters-
Post by: Altes Eisen on January 24, 2010, 05:24:30 am
How to make a character

NAME: Your character name
AGE : for lulz cause most things in there won't have moral issues about ripping apart a loli instead of a young girl or a old granny...
GENDER: You know the drill by now(Again for monsters it's just as for age...everything goes).
DESCRIPTION : What you look like ((you can add a picture too; if you wish)).
STORY : A short story telling us a bit about your char; and how he/she did end up on the USRG...

Title: Re: Tales Of The Deads 2 -Characters-
Post by: Iris on January 31, 2010, 04:21:52 am
Setsuna Hattori
   刹那     服部

Age: 22
Gender: Female
( ( (

   A Ex-Captain of a Special Forces group. She was fighting a war on Earth against an army of superhumans for some time and attained victory. But after the war had ended, her Squadron was disbanded and they were left unemployed. Some of her Squad members settled down to live a normal life with a family of their own. She however couldn't see that sort of life for herself. She wanted to, but she felt no man would want a commanding woman like her. So she sought out a way to use her combat and leadership skills.
   It was then she came across a recruitment ad for the Space Marines and she immediately enlisted herself. It was there she reunited with some of her old Squad mates who were relieved to see her join them for their battles in Space.

Reason for Appearing:
   She was a Marine aboard the ship. One of the few who had not been infected. She holed herself up in her room in the Militia quarters after having killed own squad members after they had changed.

Title: Re: Tales Of The Deads 2 -Characters-
Post by: Kamen Rider DiEnd on February 05, 2010, 04:15:02 am
NAME: Milly. Real name: Tendo Minami
AGE :  looks 17
GENDER: female, she still kept her reproductive organs in her operation so...
Far descendant of a former earth hero.

Tendo always had a strong sense of justice and tried to help people the best she could. She joined her country's army in a battle once and was chosen as a subject for a secret project. She thought it would be for the greater good, however, she found out that a lot of people either died, or became mindless robotic soldiers to the army, but she was caught and operated on. Tendo found out that her sister, Kagetsuki Minami ( was also a part of a project and was successfully brainwashed and turned into a weapon. Tendo and Kagetsuki fought several times before until they ended up being forcefully put in a state of cryogenesis.

Tendo then woke up some time in the future, in a some space colony. She took up the name Milly as an alias and began looking for her sister in several places in the colony, then other places. She then heard of rumors of another old humanoid female cyborg that was exploring a ship from a lost fleet...

Milly then decided to investigate the ship, no knowledge of what was awaiting her